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About Us

  R & R Company being equipped with experience in the international shipping and industrial market, currently stands as a leading repairing and constructional units internationally.


  The company is fully equipped with all necessary technical equipment which determines uniqueness of time and quality of work. Mechanical Equipment continuous renewal combined with the know-how, the knowledge of modern shipping requirements, the existence of experienced technicians, guarantee the maximum results of Quality, Reliability and Trustworthiness.

  R & R Company, following a successful tradition in the field of shipping repairs, is aiming at the excellence of Repairs Services along with superior Client-Service providing full satisfaction of its customer’s technical needs. R & R Company is always ready to cover any technical need everywhere in the world, 24/7.

  Beyond the fulfillment of mechanical repairs, studies and manufactures in the Shipping industry and public organisms, based on the multi annual experience and know-how, R & R allocates its infrastructures to cover needs among others to:

  • Construction, Fabrication, and Re-metalling and full machining of various bearings, stern tubes, thrustic bearings.

  • With huge experience on Shaft works and Controllable Pich Propellers constructions and specialists on Shaft and Rudders, Bow Thrusters included.

  • Repairs of all auxiliary engines and mechanisms (all type Pumps, Centrifugal Purifiers, Governors, Compressors, Cargo Safety Release Valves and many other)

  • Full Fabrications of steel reduction Gear Boxes.

  • Full Repairs of Main Engines Auxiliary Engines including spare parts (Connecting Rod repairs, Cylinder Liner Honing, Cylinder Covers and many others)

  • In site machining.

  • Alignments by optical Telescope equipment.

  • Capability of sending organized, skilled, experienced technicians all over the world.

  R & R Company with its experience in the field of Repairs in the shipping and In other industries, has developed a Spare Parts Department for ship machinery and Parts for M/E, D/G and Others, based on High Quality, Punctuality and Competitive Prices. R & R is on call 24 hours a day and is dedicated not only in supplying Spare Parts but also in giving top-quality service through its constant technical and support systems.

  R & R guarantee the Right Spares in the Right Place at the Right Time.

  Company’s experience and existence in the shipping sector, its continuous in technology, its facilities and excellent personnel, and finally, its mature and credible existence in both repairing and manufacturing shipping sector, are factors that guarantee quality and competitive prices.

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